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English Lessons II

have you given your presentation yet? Yes, I gave it two hours ago

Has she gotten her paycheck yet? yes, She got it yesterday

Have they taken out the trash yet? yes, they took them out a little while ago

Have you met the new boss yet? yes, I met her this morning

has he done the dishes yet? yes,  he did it a little while ago.

Has she emailed her brother yet? yes she emailed him last week

Have they bought the groceries yet? yes they them this morning.

Have you washed your car yet? yes, I washed it one hour ago.

Have you done your laundry yet? yes, I did it  this morning.

Has she taken her driving test yet? yes,  She took it  last week

I have already eaten at the restaurant tonight. I ate in the restaurant one hour ago.

I have already gotten a haircut today. I got it this morning.

I have already given blood today. I gave blood this afternoon.

She has already taken them in the zoom. She took her children in the zoon yesterday afternoon.

He has already driven to the mountains. He drove to the mountains last weekend.

She has already emailed to her brother. She emailed him last week.

No, I never eaten at a Japanese restaurant

I have never been in Los Angeles

I have never seen a camel

I have never gone skiing

I have never been late for an important appointment

I have never gotten a traffic ticket

I have never lost something valuable

Folks, this lessons are here, if you want.