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Tic tac toe

Ok, maybe this isn’t a great piece of art ( or code) but is that logic, you know, the one that is simple but you’re very proud of?
It was built with java and with free resources, except the  Elders of the Gillman Tribe of Atlantis ( the tie image) that was from talented and gifted graphic designer Bob Canada . You can download through this here (remember: you must download all .rar) and is available for all system with a JVM 🙂
and the source code is on my gitHub, just click here.

tictactoe - First view of game
First view of the game
tictactoe - during the game
during the game
tictactoe winner
tictactoe - winner
tictactoe - tied game
tied game


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What if I want to blow? I’ve been thinking about it, why don’t we use more user interaction beside fingers and screen-orientation to archive a super user experience? so I though: what kind of different ways users can interact with … an app, a game, maybe? then I think about: why not blowing? it would be fun to make a game when the users needs to blowing to pass through a game phase, wouldn’t it?  Then I made it, but not graphics ( the graphics isn’t good at all) only the nice pure code in mind, available on my gitHub: the whole project, and the classe who does the detection with its code. Enjoyyy!