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Let’s think about Test?

Actually not exactly how to start, learn how it works is a bit easy. There’s loads of tutorials for free that teaches how to do Unit Tests and UI Tests and teaches it proper good. But the question here is how to think on your project to start implementing Test Drive Development?

The good thing about using TDD is that when you start actually the hand work (coding… 😉 ) you have most of the project defined already, like what kind of server you are going to use, or what database it’s more convenient for the project, summarising: you will likely have the specifications of the project already set. So this way, you just need to think of your code.

And here we go…

let’s say we are going to build a simple app that tells you where you left your car. When the user park his/her car, he just press the button to mark the place, then when you can’t find anymore, just open the app and it will find for you.

This is how I would do it:

  • first of all we need to define our model, that here is a object of position (as I’m well creative, I would call Position :p ). The object will be saved and displayed in the view. So I would start the test with this object. You know, the red-green-refactor process.
  • Then I would start with the class that deals with this objects. But here we will have to know what kind of method we want to use to access and manipulate the position object. The question here is: what is necessary ?
  • After that, we need to test the UI and controllers that will trigger the manipulation of the object.

This is quite straightforward if you think about it. The secret is ask the right questions 😉

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You know that person that just clicks with you?

That you feel you know him/her for ages?

You know that it can happen due to the characteristics of your zodiac sign?

Yes its true! ZodiChat can help you find that specific sign with those characteristics that you just get along with. From everywhere in the world, It can be in the same area that you live or in that exotic country that you are going to spend your next holidays.

It’s quite easy, just login with your Facebook or Google account then start searching and talk to people with the zodiac you wish for!

You don’t need to be in the search of your other half, you can make friends as well! Meet and talk with as many people as you wish and you can set what you are looking for: either friends, love or just no commitment. Find it here on ZodiChat, let the universe connect you and bring you what you wish.



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Tic tac toe

Ok, maybe this isn’t a great piece of art ( or code) but is that logic, you know, the one that is simple but you’re very proud of?
It was built with java and with free resources, except the  Elders of the Gillman Tribe of Atlantis ( the tie image) that was from talented and gifted graphic designer Bob Canada . You can download through this here (remember: you must download all .rar) and is available for all system with a JVM 🙂
and the source code is on my gitHub, just click here.

tictactoe - First view of game
First view of the game
tictactoe - during the game
during the game
tictactoe winner
tictactoe - winner
tictactoe - tied game
tied game