Some things I did on purpose

Find and Chat with someone from that zodiac sign that you get best along with…

You know that person that just clicks with you? That you feel you know him/her for ages?You know that it can happen due to the characteristics of your zodiac sign?Yes its true! ZodiChat can help you find that specific sign with those characteristics that you just get along with. From everywhere in the world, It can be in the same area that you live or in that exotic country that you are going to spend your next holidays.

AS3 with HTML?! is that possible?

Ok, shame on me everybody asks for this post in English, and I’m not able to do it yet. This isn’t any code I’ve done ( for post it), it’s just an explanation of what to use if you are using ActionScript and need to display an html text in it. The post is directed mainly to mobile, but it’s been helping some fellows around the world (even though it is written in portuguese). I promise, I’ll write it in English ok?


What if I want to blow? I’ve been thinking about it, why don’t we use more user interaction beside fingers and screen-orientation to archive an super user experience? 


Ok, maybe this isn’t a great piece of art ( or code) but is that logic, you know, the one that is simple but you’re very proud of?


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